Player Information

Player Information 2017-05-24T13:21:24+10:00

Players Registration

Players are to register and update details prior to playing in 2017. Please assist by doing this ASAP

This is a link to the online registration form


Coaching Staff

Senior Coach – Paul King

Reserves Coach – John Snell

Senior Assistant Coach – Brian King
Senior Assistant Coach –  Josh Merkel
Senior Assistant Coach –  Michael Still


U19’s Coach – Thomas Snell

Under 19s Coach  – Dale Equid

Insurance Links

Player and Member Accident & Injury – JLT Sport Program Summary


  • Current coverage as of 2016 season is Bronze with NO Loss of Income Coverage unless nominated
  • All players are encouraged to read and understand the details.
  • All players are also encouraged to have their own Private Health Insurance

Details of cover provided and Accident / Injury Claim Form