As reported in ‘The Advertiser (Hurstbridge)’
Friday 16 September 1932

Some 1,000 people watched the final match between Eltham and   Heidelberg, played at Heidelberg, on Saturday and the good crowd present were well entertained by a high class display of football, which especially up to half time, was an exhibition of the’ fastest ever witnessed locally.
Eltham were favourites for the event even though Heidelberg had inflicted the only defeat of the season on the minor premiers. The “curtain-raiser” was again provided by Eltham. Juniors, who were pitted against Greensborough, the latter side winning comfortably.

The senior teams were:-Eltham (red and black):-H. Weidlich (c), A. Parsons (v.c.), L. Parsons, G. Pitcher, IH Downing, J, Newton, B. Hart, W. Ives, G. Le Brocq, H. Forde, N. Durham, R. Smith, R. Martyr, W. Taylor, J. West, R. Baker, J. Cope land and K. Murray.

Heidelberg (yellow and black):-F. Nihill (c), S. Wright (v.c.), A. Stott, G. Stott, S. Martyn, R. Dowling, P. Skells, J. O’Grady, R. Henry, R.- Durant, T. Veitch, F. Leahy, J. -McHugh, E. ,Hodgson, J. Heffernan,. T. Connellan, .T. Draper, A. Chiyers’ and H. Johnston (19th man).

THE PLAY Eltham immediately forwarded but were driven back, and play veered about the centre in rapid passes. Ultimately a move forward was again begun, and a well-judged mark. put Hart in possession. He made no mistake ‘with his kick. Two other scoring shots produced minors. Heidelberg then took a hand, a rapid passage down the field producing their first scoring shot-a behind. Further success awaited them as McHugh marking from the. kick-off, had Anunhampered run to score first goal for Heidelberg. Shortly afterwards Dowling placed them ahead with an other sixer.

Eltham played hard to reverse the scoring and succeeded as Hart punted second goal for, the visitors. It was an exhibition of lightning-like passes, and rapid play, and supporters yelled themselves hoarse as Durant, being freed, again placed the ‘Berg ahead. Almost the   next minute a rapid pass’ from the centre found the reliable Hart in possession and Eltham again ahead. Just before the close ‘of the quarter Nihill placed Heidelberg in front.

The scores at the first change were: Heidelberg. 4 goals 1 behind, Eltham.-3 goals 4 behinds.

Opening the second term in scoring vein Eltham immediately regained the lead as Hart kicked his fourth goal. The ‘Berg struggled hard but only minors rewarded them. The pace was still a cracker, contrasting play being the Heidelberg preference for wing play, whilst Eltham concentrated on the straight ahead tactics from centre to goal.

Interesting play and a goal by Dur ant put both teams level. A furious scramble round goal at the close of the term looked like producing no score, when Pitcher rushed in and scored full points with a, kick off the ground. Half time scores showed:- Eltham.-7 goals 6 behinds.     Heidelberg.-6 goals 6 behinds.

The third quarter, as in the previous two terms, ‘opened with’ Eltham, on the offensive and the first six scoring shots were credited to   them. Heidelberg, although showing a grimness and determination, seemed to be feeling the strain.  Eltham’s tactics were proving successful, and   with their wing ‘men holding their  own, they had robbed Heidelberg of   their chief line of attack, Newton especially was showing fine form   against the Heidelberg star, McHugh. The close of the quarter showed the   scores: Eltham.10 goals 13 behinds. Heidelberg.-7 goals 7 behinds.

The last quarter showed Eltham just a shade ahead of the rapidly tiring Heidelberg eighteen. Heidelberg fought the issue to the last ditch, but were beaten by a team which showed too much strength and finishing effort.

Eltham ran off the field as the premiership side. The final tally being:- • ELTHAM.-13 goals 19 behinds.  HEIDELBERG. – 8 goals 10 behinds.

The premiers fielded a very even side, and showed unexpected cohesion as a team. They finished well, and showed a surprising turn of  speed all day against a reputedly fast side. They were perhaps best served by J. West, R. Smith; L. Parsons, J. Newton, B. Hart, R Baker; J. Copeland, G. Le Brocq, H. Forde, N, Durham, R. Martyr, and H. Downing; although every player had a fair share in the victory.

Heidelberg were perhaps not quite: so even. Foremost must be paid a tribute to big-hearted Stott, who practically ran himself to a stand still. Others who showed out were. S. Wright, R. Henry, J. McHugh; .E. Hodgson, F. Nihill, R.’ Durant, and J. O’Grady. –

Goalkickers were: – Eltham: Hart (6), West (4), Le Brocq, L. Parsons and G. Pitcher; Heidelberg: Durant (3), Draper (2), Dowling, McHugh and Nihill.

Umpire Morgan deserves to be congratulated on his high-class display. Fineness and consistency were shown by him all day and following the good display of last week’s official, the standard of umpiring in this year’s vital matches has left no cause” for complaint. ‘