The vets had a battle on their hands against Wantirna South, but were able to get away in the end to score a strong win.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Eltham 3.2-20 6.4-40 8.8-56 13.11-89
Wantirna South 2.3-15 4.8-32 6.11-47 7.12-54
Goal Kickers: J. Garrard 6, S. Oldfield 2, J. Burleigh , S. Nixon , S. Pitt , R. Gardam , M. Braby
Best Players: , M. Minney , B. Grant , K. Jones , A. Contessa , A. Burns , J. Garrard

The next game will be tomorrow week Sunday June 28th at Central when we host Forest Hills