Eltham Fixture 2016

1Good Friday March 25GreensboroughHomeEltham Central Park
2Saturday April 16MacleodAwayDe Winton Park, Rosanna
3Saturday April 23MontmorencyHomeEltham Central Park
4Saturday April 30WhittleseaAwayWhittlesea Showgrounds
5Saturday May 7West Preston-LakesideHomeEltham Central Park
6Saturday May 14HeidelbergHomeEltham Central Park
BYESaturday May 21BYE -Representative Game
7Saturday May 28Lower Plenty AwayMontmorency Park Oval No.2
8Saturday June 4BundooraHomeEltham Central Park
BYESaturday June 11BYE - Queens Birthday
9Saturday June 18GreensboroughAwayWar Memorial Park, Greensborough
10Saturday June 25Northcote ParkAwayBill Lawry Oval, Westgarth
11Saturday July 2WhittleseaHomeEltham Central Park
12Saturday July 9MontmorencyAwayMontmorency Park Oval No.1
13Saturday July 16BundooraAwayYulong Reserve, Bundoora
14Saturday July 23Lower Plenty HomeEltham Central Park
15Saturday July 30HeidelbergAwayWarringal Park, Heidelberg
16Saturday August 6Northcote ParkHomeEltham Central Park
17Saturday August 13MacleodHomeEltham Central Park
18Saturday August 20West Preston-LakesideAwayJ.E. Moore Park, Reservoir
Saturday August 27Qualifying FinalPreston City Oval
Sunday August 28Elimination FinalPreston City Oval
Saturday September 3Second Semi FinalPreston City Oval
Sunday September 4First Semi FinalPreston City Oval
Saturday September 10Preliminary FinalPreston City Oval
Saturday September 17Grand FinalPreston City Oval
Round 1 Friday, March 25
Eltham v Greensborough
Friday, April 8
Northcote Park v Montmorency (N)
Saturday, April 9
Bundoora v Macleod
Whittlesea v West Preston-Lakeside
Lower Plenty v Heidelberg
Round 2 Saturday, April 16
Greensborough v Northcote Park
Heidelberg v Whittlesea
Macleod v Eltham
West Preston-Lakeside v Lower Plenty
Montmorency v Bundoora (T)
Round 3 Saturday, April 23
Eltham v Montmorency
Greensborough v Bundoora
Lower Plenty v Whittlesea
Northcote Park v West Preston-Lakeside
Monday, April 25
Heidelberg v Macleod
Round 4 Saturday, April 30
Bundoora v Lower Plenty
Macleod v Northcote Park
Montmorency v Greensborough
West Preston-Lakeside v Heidelberg
Whittlesea v Eltham
Round 5 Saturday, May 7
Bundoora v Whittlesea
Eltham v West Preston-Lakeside
Greensborough v Macleod
Heidelberg v Northcote Park
Lower Plenty v Montmorency
Round 6 Saturday, May 14
Eltham v Heidelberg
Montmorency v Macleod
Northcote Park v Lower Plenty
West Preston-Lakeside v Bundoora
Whittlesea v Greensborough
Round 7 Saturday, May 28
Bundoora v Northcote Park
Greensborough v West Preston-Lakeside
Heidelberg v Montmorency
Lower Plenty v Eltham
Macleod v Whittlesea
Round 8 Saturday, June 4
Eltham v Bundoora
Heidelberg v Lower Plenty
Montmorency v Whittlesea
Northcote Park v Greensborough
West Preston-Lakeside v Macleod
Round 9 Saturday, June 11
Bundoora v Montmorency
Saturday, June 18
Greensborough v Eltham
Lower Plenty v West Preston-Lakeside
Macleod v Heidelberg
Whittlesea v Northcote Park
Round 10 Saturday, June 25
Heidelberg v Greensborough
Lower Plenty v Macleod
Northcote Park v Eltham
West Preston-Lakeside v Montmorency
Whittlesea v Bundoora
Round 11 Saturday, July 2
Bundoora v Heidelberg
Eltham v Whittlesea
Macleod v Greensborough
Montmorency v Lower Plenty
Sunday, July 3
West Preston-Lakeside v Northcote Park
Round 12 Saturday, July 9
Greensborough v Lower Plenty
Heidelberg v West Preston-Lakeside
Montmorency v Eltham
Northcote Park v Bundoora
Whittlesea v Macleod
Round 13 Saturday, July 16
Bundoora v Eltham
Lower Plenty v Northcote Park
Macleod v Montmorency
West Preston-Lakeside v Greensborough
Whittlesea v Heidelberg
Round 14 Saturday, July 23
Bundoora v Greensborough
Eltham v Lower Plenty
Macleod v West Preston-Lakeside
Montmorency v Heidelberg
Northcote Park v Whittlesea
Round 15 Saturday, July 30
Greensborough v Montmorency
Heidelberg v Eltham
Lower Plenty v Bundoora
Northcote Park v Macleod
West Preston-Lakeside v Whittlesea
Round 16 Saturday, August 6
Eltham v Northcote Park
Greensborough v Heidelberg
Macleod v Bundoora
Montmorency v West Preston-Lakeside
Whittlesea v Lower Plenty
Round 17 Saturday, August 13
Bundoora v West Preston-Lakeside
Eltham v Macleod
Lower Plenty v Greensborough
Northcote Park v Heidelberg
Whittlesea v Montmorency
Round 18 Saturday, August 20
Greensborough v Whittlesea
Heidelberg v Bundoora
Macleod v Lower Plenty
Montmorency v Northcote Park
West Preston-Lakeside v Eltham

Senior Ground Locations – Opposition Clubs

Team Ground Address Map
Bundoora Yulong Reserve Cnr Plenty Rd & Bent St, Bundoora Map 9 K12
Greensborough War Memorial Park Henry St, Greensborough Map 20 H2
Heidelberg Warringal Park Beverley Rd, Heidelberg Map 32 C4
Lower Plenty Montmorency Park Oval No.1 Para Rd, Montmorency Map 21 B5
Macleod De Winton Park Strasbourg Rd, Rosanna Map 32 A2
Montmorency Montmorency Park Oval No.2 Para Rd, Montmorency Map 21, B5
Northcote Park Bill Lawry Oval Westgarth St, Northcote Map 30 G11
West Preston-Lakeside J.E. Moore Park Gilbert Rd, Reservoir Map 18 E6
Whittlesea Whittlesea Showgrounds Yea Rd, Whittlesea Map 246 H7

The first tab features the Eltham games with a full club fixture

The NFL Round tabs feature a full fixture of all NFL Division 1 games on each round.

Ground Locations of Opposition Clubs are available on the final tab