In a high scoring, high intensity game in front of a large Central Park crowd, Bundoora were able to able to hold Panthers to one goal in the last last term while scoring four match winning goals  themselves to defeat us by 13 points.

The Panthers jumped away quickly scoring the first three goals in just the first four minutes of the game. The Panthers had Bundoora shocked and the Panther crowd in raptures.

Bundoora soon settled though to work themselves back in the game with five of the next seven goals of the first quarter to hold a 3 point lead at the quarter time break.

The Panthers got the first two goals of the second term. The first great team work from a stoppage, between Woods, Rogers and Chippa.

Bundoora scored the next three goals in succession to regain the lead. the Panthers intensity seemed to drop off a bit during this period. But we fought back to score the next two goals one to Cox from a free kick directly in front the next  by Kroussoratis who scored our ninth goal straight of the game.

Bundoora answered back with a late goal to secure a four point lead at the main break.

Five goals to four in the third term had us with a seven point lead at three quarter time. Unfortunately our great accuracy in the first half had deserted us in this term having 11 scoring shots (5.6) to five (4.1) otherwise the lead would have been greater.

The final term the ball seemed to spend most time in the Bundoora forward line. Bundoora scoring 4.6, where we struggled to threaten the scoreboard with just the 1.4

Eltham 5.0-30 9.0-54 14.6-90 15.10-100
Bundoora 5.3-33 9.4-58 13.5-83 17.11-113
Goal Kickers: J. Kroussoratis 4, Jye Lorey 3, Bradyn Taglieri 2, J. Merkel , D. Cox , H. Burns , L. Glasgow , C. Caulfield , A. Woods
Best Players: , Jye Lorey , A. Woods , L. Glasgow , J. Reid , Bradyn Taglieri , J. Kroussoratis


 The reserves had a little trouble shaking off a determined Bundoora 2’s in the first three quarters. Were able to get on top in the final term to score a comfortable win in the end.
Eltham 4.2-26 5.3-33 8.6-54 14.9-93
Bundoora 3.0-18 4.3-27 7.4-46 7.9-51
Goal Kickers: O. Robinson 3, J. Doukas 2, B. Ryan 2, H. Hunt , K. Keane , T. Owen , M. Jessop , M. Bullock , C. Pillot , T. Snell
Best Players: , L. McCreery , S. Brazzale , A. Hourigan , B. Sharwood , , C. Pillot

Under 19s

Our 19s stuck fairly well with a very strong Bundoora side for the first half. Bundoora away from us in the second half
Eltham 1.1-7 3.3-21 4.6-30 6.11-47
Bundoora 2.4-16 5.6-36 10.8-68 13.11-89
Goal Kickers: T. Burns 3, C. O”Leary , J. Dell , T. Carafa
Best Players: , S. Krug , T. Burns , T. Carafa , N. Gavillucci , L. Russell , M. Cantwell