To all our players, supporters, sponsors

The Eltham Football Club committee is pleased to confirm the reappointment of Robert Hyde as Senior Coach for 2021.

For season 2020 Robert and the coaches laid out a foundation for what we believe would have been a very successful 2020 season and we look forward to that being rolling into 2021.

We have already started planning for 2021 and hope to appoint and plan for all things 2021 including our committee coaching team and more particularly the support we can give to our sponsors in what will be tough times for many.

Once our town opens up again we will look to starting Thursday night dinners, social events and general engagement in our new clubrooms which we expect will be open by start of August.

In particular we thank all of you for your ongoing support and are thinking of our football club community in what has no doubt been a difficult time for many.

We look forward to proactively being able to support each other and please do not hesitate to reach out if our community can assist.

Our club continues to support the community safe distancing and practice rules and encourages our club stakeholders to do the same.

Keep safe and well

Mick Smith

President on behalf of EFC committee