The Panthers as in the previous games this year were quickly out of the blocks with the first goal on the board in the first few minutes of the game.
Although the Magpies were able to score the next three goals of the match,  due mainly to some costly errors on the backline along with silly free kicks.

We were bale to get our second at the 16 minute mark when a Josh Merkel kick from well out, landed and skidded through for goal that was unmanned by Mont.
Mont answered back at the 19 minute mark due to  a costly in the back which was given to them only about 25 metre out, right in front.

But the Panthers settled down and then dominated the play to score 4 goals to one in the time on period goals to Taglieri, Brovedani, Richardson and Josh Merkel kicking another one after the siren.

In the second quarter it took around 9 minutes to get our first on the board, but from then on we were all over them with another 4 goals to their one.

We went in with a 44 point lead at half time and it looked like the game was over. That was not the case with Montmorency pretty well dominating the third quarter, narrowing the gap to just 22 points at the last break.

The last quarter proved to be just a battle of attrition with both scoring two goals a piece. This was enough to make sure of a Panther win and the return of the Ken Hines Shield to Panther Place.

A full replay of the game is now available in the Video Gallery

Montmorency 5.1-31 6.2-38 11.6-72 13.10-88
Eltham 7.3-45 12.10-82 13.16-94 15.18-108
Goal Kickers: J. Merkel 7, J. Kroussoratis 2, B. Taglieri 2, S. Witkowski , A. Brovedani , H. Burns , L. Richardson
Best Players: , J. Merkel , B. Taglieri , B. Glasgow , C. Caulfield , J. Reid , S. Witkowski


Both sides struggled to score in what was a tightly fought battle until our fitness showed out and we were able to kick away from them in the last quarter
Montmorency 2.0-12 2.1-13 4.4-28 6.5-41
Eltham 2.2-14 4.3-27 6.6-42 10.9-69
Goal Kickers: M. Avramov 2, T. Snell 2, T. Owen 2, H. Hunt 2, J. Doukas , M. Jessop
Best Players: , M. Avramov , M. Menichelli , C. Dell , H. Hunt , B. Sharwood , L. Cantwell

Under 19s

The under 19s battled away well against the bigger Montmorency boys. We just struggled to find targets on the forward line. A poor second quarter made the result worse than what it really should have been.
Montmorency 1.2-8 6.4-40 9.4-58 11.7-73
Eltham 0.2-2 2.5-17 4.8-32 6.9-45
Goal Kickers: N. Arney 2, T. Burns 2, J. Dell , L. Guerin
Best Players: , K. O’Sullivan , T. Burns , T. Carafa , J. Dell , N. Arney , L. Russell