The 2019 Senior Northern Football League fixtures have been released.

The Home and Away season will be held over 18 rounds

Each team will play 16 matches, One Home and One way games against each other club as well each team will have 2 byes in the season.

As well, there will also be no games over Easter as well as the Queens Birthday weekend. Also no games on the weekend of May 18 due to the Inter-comp games aginst the Geelong FL.

The inclusion of the Division 3 Premier St. Marys and with no team relegated to Division 3 as well as the inclusion of Whittlesea, demoted from Division 1 replacing the promoted Lower Plenty, we now have 9 teams in a slightly expanded Division 2,

Our first game will be an away fixture against Thomastown.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Round 3 on April 27th for our first home game, when we meet Whittlesea at Central Park..

The Under 19s, Juniors and Senior Women fixtures will be available closer to season start

Click the link below for the full fixture