Nominations from clubs for the NFNL Under-19 competitions in season 2018 are as follows.

Div 1 Div 2
1 Bundoora 1 Banyule
2 Diamond Creek 2 Eltham (2)
3 Eltham (1) 3 Kilmore
4 Greensborough 4 Lower Plenty
5 Heidelberg 5 Mernda
6 Macleod 6 Mill Park FC
7 Montmorency 7 North Heidelberg
8 Northcote Park 8 Panton Hill
9 St Mary’s 9 South Morang
10 West Preston Lakeside
11 Whittlesea

The NFNL would implement grading if the Division 1 competition had more than 10 nominations.
Grading Process:

 Grading will occur over the first four weeks.

 Fixture for the first four weeks will be done on a week to week basis (we will need to see teams play other certain teams)

 Clubs will be ranked according to last year’s performance to commence the grading process

 Clubs will retain their points for a win/loss or draw through the grading process
o NFNL By-Laws 10.2.1: Four (4) points shall be awarded for a win during grading games and two (2) points for a draw.

 There will be no percentage accumulated during the grading process
o NFNL By-Laws 10.2.1: No percentage points will be allocated during the grading games.

 After 4 weeks one team nominating for Division 1 will move into Division 2 (this will occur through assessment of results).

 If required match ratio will be implemented within the two divisions of the under-19s competitions.
o NFNL By-Laws 10.1.1: In the Home and Away matches, four (4) points will be allotted for a win, four (4) points for a team in whose favour a forfeit or walkover is ruled, two (2) points for a draw and zero (0) points for a loss. In competitions involving an uneven number of byes for competing teams, the League shall also prepare a match ratio which reflects the number of wins by each team against the number of matches played by each team.