The Panthers made it five on the trot with a 57 point win over North Heidelberg at Shelly Street Oval on Saturday

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle against a determined North Heidelberg with just two goals kicked apiece.

A three goal to one second quarter gave us a handy three goal buffer at the main break. The third quarter was an even one on the scoreboard although the Panthers were starting to pick up the tempo on the ground. During this quarter spearhead James Kroussoratis had to leave the ground with what looked like a bruised knee.

Eltham finished off the game in the final quarter with six goals to one, this could have been more, but for inaccuracy in front of goals. In Kroussoratis’s absence Bradyn Taglieri was moved forward and Tom Rogers took over in the midfield. Both were able to kick 4 goals apiece

North Heidelberg 2.0-12 3.1-19 7.1-43 8.2-50
Eltham 2.4-16 5.7-37 9.9-63 15.17-107


Goal Kickers: B. Taglieri 4, T. Rogers 4, J. Merkel 2, J. Lorey 2, S. Brazzale , D. Cox , J. Kroussoratis
Best Players: , B. Taglieri , T. Rogers , B. Glasgow , C. Caulfield , M. Evans , L. Richardson


After an evenly contested game early, we were able to get on top of North as the game continued.

North Heidelberg 2.1-13 3.1-19 7.3-45 8.4-52
Eltham 2.1-13 6.3-39 12.3-75 17.4-106


Goal Kickers: T. Burns 6, A. Burns 3, B. Lorey 3, M. Jessop , L. Ericson , J. Bellman , B. Sharwood , J. Dell
Best Players: , A. Burns , C. Pillot , L. Cantwell , T. Burns , M. Lillie , R. Tucke

Under 19s

The Under 19s scored their fourth win of the yearwhen they were able to hold an undermanned North Heidelberg scoreless for the second time this year.

North Heidelberg 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Eltham 6.4-40 14.5-89 19.13-127 31.20-206


Goal Kickers: J. Mallard 7, N. Gavillucci 6, T. Carafa 3, P. Turnbull 2, L. Campbell 2, N. Pettigrove 2, S. Edward 2, A. Smale 2, N. Eggleton 2, S. Carafa , K. Dwyer , C. O”Leary
Best Players: , P. Turnbull , J. Marchbank , N. Eggleton , T. Carafa , J. Ryan , J. Mallard