In front of a good size crowd, the Panthers were able to stretch their current winning sequence out to six on end, by overcoming a determined West Preston at Eltham Central Park to win by 24 points.

The opening quarter and a half was one of mistakes and turnovers by both sides, the later half of the second quarter things started to open up when both sides attempted to get their running game going.

After a drawn first quarter the Panthers were able to get their noses in front in the second, to go in at the main break with an 8 point advantage.

This was extended to 17 points at the last break as the Panthers started to shake off a persistent West.

The final quarter was goal for goal, until Anton Woods put the game beyond the Roosters reach with a sealer at the 26 minute mark.

Bradyn Taglieri was Eltham’s best with another strong game in the midfield. Caulfield, Richardson, Ryan and Josh Lorey all teamed well in a backline that has improved as the season has progressed.

In the absence of spearhead Kroussoratis (injured) Matt Williamson took over in front of goal providing a strong marking target kicking 5 goals. Jamie Doukas was again dangerous around the goals with 3 majors. While Josh Merkel proved a strong target on the half forward line.

Full replay is available in our Video Gallery

Eltham 3.0-18 7.1-43 11.5-71 15.9-99
West Preston Lakeside 2.6-18 4.11-35 7.12-54 10.15-75


Goal Kickers: M. Williamson 5, J. Doukas 3, B. Taglieri 2, J. Merkel 2, A. Woods 2, J. Smith
Best Players: , B. Taglieri , C. Caulfield , A. Di Paolo , J. Lorey , B. Ryan , L. Richardson


Held a comfortable advantage throughout the game to get on top in the last term to win by 38 points in the end

Eltham 4.4-28 6.9-45 8.11-59 14.14-98
West Preston Lakeside 2.0-12 3.1-19 6.4-40 9.6-60


Goal Kickers: T. Burns 6, T. Snell 4, S. Smith , C. Dell , O. Robinson , A. Hourigan
Best Players: , T. Burns , K. Keane , A. Hourigan , M. Cantwell , T. Snell , J. Dell

Under 19s

Had a fair bit of the play, but simply were not able to find targets up forward to put enough score on the board

Eltham 0.2-2 1.3-9 3.6-24 4.8-32
West Preston Lakeside 2.2-14 6.5-41 8.8-56 8.15-63


Goal Kickers: N. Gavillucci , T. Carafa , J. Mallard , N. Sirianni
Best Players: , P. Turnbull , S. Edward , N. Pettigrove , T. Carafa , N. Sirianni , D. Charisis