The Panthers were able to give Macleod their first home loss of the season with a 49-point demolition at De Winton Park. The result means the same two sides will meet in next week’s qualifying final at Preston City Oval.

Matthew Williamson was chief destroyer for the Panthers with six majors, while Jamie Doukas added four of his own. Bradyn Taglieri was again named best on with a great game in the midfield.

Eltham is the only team to have beaten every other team in the competition at least once during the season and goes into next week’s final with a 2-0 record over Macleod in the home and away season.

It was a tight tussle in the first half, although we started to get on top of Macleod late in the first half. The side was inspired by the play of the the year when a sensational smother from Jamie Doukas was then followed up by a snap goal from deep in the pocket. (replay in Video Gallery)

Going in at half time with just a 12 point advantage, but we looked to have started gaining the momentum.

The third quarter opened with a Macleod goal to reduce the margin to just one straight kick, but from then on the Panthers playing some of their best team football for the year slamming on the next seven unanswered goals for the quarter to go to the last break with a 51 point advantage.

The last quarter Macleod tried hard but for every goal they were able to kick we were able to answer with our own very quickly.

Macleod 2.4-16 5.5-35 6.6-42 11.8-74
Eltham 3.4-22 7.5-47 14.9-93 18.15-123
Goal Kickers: M. Williamson 6, J. Doukas 4, T. Rogers 2, B. Glasgow 2, B. Taglieri , H. Burns , A. Woods , A. Hourigan
Best Players: , B. Taglieri , S. Brazzale , M. Williamson , T. Rogers , L. Glasgow , A. Di Paolo


A low scoring affair with only 2 points separating us from Macleod at the last break. We were able to get on top in the last quarter to win by 32 points.

Macleod 1.1-7 2.1-13 5.5-35 6.7-43
Eltham 3.2-20 4.6-30 5.7-37 11.9-75
Goal Kickers: J. Lorey 3, L. Findlay 3, K. O”Sullivan 2, O. Robinson , T. Owen , M. Cantwell
Best Players: , M. Cantwell , L. Cantwell , L. Findlay , K. O”Sullivan , J. Lorey , J. Dell

Under 19s

After a good first half we simply just weren’t in contention in the second half. Thanks to all the boys who competed this year. Stick around the club and support the Seniors and Reserves over the coming month after that we hope to see you all back at preseason.

Macleod 2.5-17 3.10-28 9.12-66 13.12-90
Eltham 2.1-13 3.3-21 6.3-39 6.4-40
Goal Kickers: N. Arney 3, J. Mallard 2, P. Turnbull
Best Players: , A. Smale , D. Charisis , N. Arney , T. Carafa , A. Bennett , C. O”Leary