The Heidelberg Football Club’s run of wins against us in the seniors continued when they held off a belated challenge from the Panthers to score a 20 point win at Warringal Park on Saturday.

The opening quarter the action was pretty well at the wind assisted river end of the ground that Heidelberg was kicking to. They dominated play in the opening stages kicking several goals. We started to get some possession of the ball in the middle and later stages of the quarter but were only able to score 1 goal to Heidelberg’s five. Although we could have been closer but for a bit of undisciplined play and some costly mistakes.

The quarter opened with another goal to Heidelberg, we were able to answer with Kroussoratis marking and kicking straight for his and our second for the game.

After another Heidelberg goal, Taglieri was the recipient of a great handball from Woods for our other goal of the quarter.

We spent enough time in our forward half but the Heidelberg defense standing strong and most of our shots on goal were under pressure resulting in minor score only. Finishing the quarter with 2.6 to Heidelberg 2.1

The third quarter it was all Heidelberg with 5.8 to the one solitary point, the lead had blown out to over 9 goals at the last break. It could have been worse but for inaccuracy by Heidelberg this time

It was complete turnaround in the last quarter the Panthers had pretty well all the play scoring 5.7 to just 2 behinds to Heidelberg. But it was all too late.

Heidelberg 5.2-32 7.3-45 12.11-83 12.13-85
Eltham 1.2-8 3.8-26 3.9-27 8.16-64
Goal Kickers: J. Kroussoratis 3, D. Coffield , J. Merkel , B. Ryan , E. Gilbert , C. McCabe
Best Players: , E. Gilbert , S. Zito , M. Evans , L. Glasgow , L. Richardson , A. Woods


The Panther reserves continued on their winning way pretty well dominating against Heidelberg, another finals aspirant
The win was set up in the first half holding Heidelberg to a miserly 1 goal 1 behind, that tend continued in the third quarter with 4 goals to two it was pretty well over at 3/4 time
Heidelberg 1.1-7 1.1-7 3.3-21 6.4-40
Eltham 2.3-15 5.4-34 9.9-63 11.12-78
Goal Kickers: H. Burns 3, H. Hunt 2, J. Doukas 2, A. Hourigan 2, T. Snell , O. Robinson
Best Players: , J. Doukas , O. Philp-Taylor , H. Burns , K. Keane , S. Brazzale , A. Burns

Under 19s

In a game that we thought we were a chance of winning we were not really in it. Just 1 goal 10 at 3/4 time to 8 goals 4 behinds tells the story. We made a run in the last quarter kicking 4 goals in short span of time, but then could not go on with it. The final margin of 13 points flatters us and does not represent a true indication of the performance.

Heidelberg 4.2-26 4.2-26 8.4-52 8.5-53
Eltham 0.0 1.8-14 1.10-16 5.10-40
Goal Kickers: S. Krug 2, T. Carafa , M. Cantwell , P. Turnbull
Best Players: , M. Cantwell , C. O”Leary , T. Carafa , A. Smale , J. Dell , J. Ryan