In the third installment of N.F.L. Good Friday Football, an undermanned Panthers proved no match against a very strong Greensborough in front of a large crowd  in perfect conditions at Eltham Central Park.

Greensborough made a positive start, with Stead kicking the opening goal of the season from a set shot directly in front.

The Boro continued to pepper at goal, but couldn’t convert. Avramov soon converted a goal for Eltham against the run of play, cutting the margin to just two points halfway through the term, despite his side being outplayed.

Greensborough finally turned its dominance into scoreboard pressure late in the opening quarter, with Josh Riddle converting a clever snap before Ellard kicked consecutive goals from free kicks.

Trailing by 22 points at quarter time, Eltham made a positive start to the second term – but was unable to manufacture a goal until 11 minutes in, when veteran Lachie Richardson kicked truly on the run.

The game continued to be played between the two 50m arcs thereafter, with Greensborough’s Jason Rogers breaking the deadlock after running into a vacant goal, giving his side a 24-point lead at half-time.

Eltham’s struggle continued into the third term, with the home side unable to generate any significant attacking threats.

The Panthers were contained to just two behinds for the term, while two goals to Ellard and another to Stead helped stretch Greensborough’s lead at the last change to 44 points.

Bradyn Taglieri finally ended Eltham’s goal drought early in the last term, with the midfielder’s move forward paying immediate dividends.

Any hopes of a miracle comeback were soon dashed, with Andrew Stellas getting a quick reply at the opposite end, before follow up goals to John Desmond and Josh Grubb saw the Boro race to a 58-point advantage.

Eltham was able to hit the scoreboard late in the contest, booting three goals to Greensborough’s two in time on.

The Panthers will hope to regain a host of key players for the Round 2 clash against 2015 Premiers Macleod , with Gavan Connelly, Matthew Evans and Lewis Glasgow all in line to return from injury after missing the season opener.

A number of others should be improved with the hit out after interupted pre-seasons including Anton Woods and Bradyn Taglieri

Eltham 1.1-7 2.5-17 2.7-19 6.9-45
Greensborough 4.5-29 5.11-41 8.17-65 13.20-98

Goal Kickers: L. Richardson, B. Taglieri, J. Smith, S. Brazzale, B. Glasgow, M. Avramov
Best Players: D. Vallance, E. Gilbert, C. Brannan, B. Glasgow, L. Richardson, A. Di Paolo


In a low scoring tussle against last years Reserves grade Premiers Greensborough. The Panthers were able to hold out for a draw when threatened over the concluding stages.

Kyle O’Sullivan was the Panthers best while Mitch Dunstan  fresh out of last seasons Under 17s performed well in the ruck all day up against more seasoned opponents.

Eltham 1.3-9 3.6-24 4.9-33 5.12-42
Greensborough 1.2-8 2.3-15 4.9-33 5.12-42

Goal Kickers: M. Jessop, R. Hunt, H. Hunt, S. Smith, BBailey Taglieri
Best Players: K. O’Sullivan, M. Dunstan, C. Pillot, M. Menichelli, Josh Lorey, Bailey Taglieri

Under 19s

Things did not look good early in the game, conceding the opening three goals to Greensborough. The Panthers were able to fight back to score a great 14 point victory. Our last victory against Boro who have won the past two premierships  was three seasons ago 2013

Eltham 0.1-1 2.4-16 4.9-33 9.11-65
Greensborough 2.1-13 3.3-21 5.5-35 7.9-51

Goal Kickers: T. Burns 3, T. Carafa 2, P. Turnbull, M. Cantwell, H. Furlong, A. Bennett
Best Players: Bronson Glasgow, S. Carafa, D. Jarvis, A. Currie, A. Bennett, J. Dean