Hey boys,

For those who couldn’t get to the game on the weekend, we had a 90 point win against Forrest Hill.

We had winners all over the ground, the standouts were Killa with 40 odd marks at CHF and snagged 4, Lora and BG just did as they normally did dominated!!! Benny was great again, Stricko very good, and others who stood out were Jay and Bretty Maylin! Congrats to Sparky for snagging his first major for the vets and celebrated with a double fist punch above the head….which I personally thought was a bit over the top considering we were 80 points up at the time….but each to their own!

Best players : Killa, Lora, BG, Stricko, Maylin, Donato, Minney

Goals : Killa 4, Coathy 2, Stricko 2, and I can’t remember all of them except for Sparky with a double fist punch above the head when we were 80 points up!

The next game is against North Ringwood on the 26th of June!!!! Yes a 3 week break! I think it’s at home, but will clarify when closer to the date. If you are unavailable to play on the 26th of June, please send me an e-mail, otherwise I forget! We will be picking our best available team against North, as they are last years’ premiers and are undefeated this year!

We will be training this Wednesday, even if raining!

Any issues,

Give me a buzz,

Skips. 0414390430.