The Eltham Vets recorded their second win of the season against 2016 grand finalists Scoresby by 30 points.

It was a great contest during the first half with both teams struggling to score as defences were on top. Eltham opened the scoring with a goal to Donato but this was answered almost immediately by Scoresby.

Whitcher then converted after the Panthers maintained consistent forward pressure but again Scoresby were able to even the scores up before the first break. Eltham had the advantage in the ruck and were able to win most of the stoppages but Scoresby never gave up the scrap and a precision snap from Grant was all the scoring in the second term.

After the long break Eltham were able to kick away with a few quick goals and Scoresby were asking questions about the number of loose players the Panthers had.

Before the next bounce it was obvious Eltham had an extra on the field so the scores were reverted back to what it was at half time and Scoresby given a free kick from the centre. Scoresby were first to settle and suddenly the scores were back to level.

The Panthers kicked two more goals, one perfectly weighted pass to the leading Kilby and a wonderful left foot snap from Smith to match the Magpies two for the quarter and it was all set up for a frenetic final term.

The ball winning ability of Eltham at the stoppages eventually took their toll as the Panthers were able to kick goals through Whitcher, Brown, Minney Donato and Kilby that could only be matched by 2 from the Magpies allowing Eltham to post the win in what was a very entertaining game of Vets football.


Eltham 2.2-14 3.4-22 5.7-37 10.9-69
Scoresby 2.1-13 2.2-14 4.2-26 6.3-39


Goal Kickers: J. Whitcher 2, J. Donato 2, S. Kilby 2, P. Smith, M. Minney, B. Grant, D. Brown
Best Players: S. Whiteside, M. Minney, S. Lorenzini, L. McCreery, K. Jones