Eltham players featured in the Voting for NFL Best and Fairest awards at the NFL Presentation Night held last night 14th September

In the Senior Voting – Anton Woods (above) second with 22 votes was just 2 votes away from the winner Lower Plenty’s Matthew Vasilevski on 24 votes

The Reserves Voting Jamie Doukas and Thomas Snell were our best vote-getters with an equal fourth place finish with 11 votes each

While in the Under 19 award, Kyle O’Sullivan came equal 3rd with 16 votes from just 6 games played in that grade

On the night full forward James Kroussoratis also received his award for being the A Grade Leading Goalkicker for 2015 with 65 goals in the home and away season (previous winners for Eltham have been Roy Kelly in 1953 with 64 goals and J.West 128 goals in 1933)

Summary of Voting Division 1

Division 1 Seniors – Frank Rosbrook Medal
1st –Matthew Vasilevski (Lower Plenty) – 24 votes
2nd – Wayne Schultz (Northcote Park) and Anton Woods (Eltham) – 22 votes
3rd – Ned McKeown (Bundoora) – 17 votes

Others Eltham Players to poll

Jamie Doukas and James Kroussoratis – 8 votes
Bradyn Taglieri – 7 votes
Chase Caulfield and Tom Rogers – 5 votes
Matthew Williamson – 3 votes
Billy Glasgow – 2 votes
Lewis Glasgow – 1 vote

Division 1 Reserves
1st – Henry Mason (Northcote Park) – 17 votes
2nd – Samuel Park (Greensborough) and Damien Toomey (Greensborough) – 14 votes
3rd – Jason Dean (North Heidelberg) – 12 votes
4th – Thomas Snell (Eltham) and Jamie Doukas (Eltham) 11 votes

Others Eltham Players to poll

Harrison Burns – 8 votes
Christopher Dell and Luke McCreery – 7 votes
Adam Burns, Matthew Jessop and Keiran Keane – 4 votes
Mikael Avramov, Josh Lorey, James Dell and Thomas Burns – 3 votes
Sean Brazzale, Adam Brovedani, Brendan O’Sullivan, Todd Owen, Ryan Romeril and Marcus Cantwell – 2 votes
Luke Groves, Oscar Philp-Taylor and Sam Zito – 1 vote

Division 1 Under-19
1st – Mark Pavlovski (Bundoora) – 30 votes
2nd – Brody Waugh (Bundoora) – 23 votes
3rd – Ayman O’Dowd (Heidelberg) and Kyle O’Sullivan (Eltham) – 16 votes

Others Eltham Players to poll

Patrick Turnbull – 7 votes
Thomas Carafa – 5 votes
Nathaniel Pettigrove, Samual Edward, Marcus Cantwell and Nicholas Arney – 2 votes
Bronson Glasgow, Kallum Dwyer, James Dell and Thomas Burns – 1 vote