It was a cold miserable day at Central on Saturday, for our vital clash with Lower Plenty

The first quarter was a scrappy low scoring one. We were able to hold a narrow lead at quarter time with 3 straight goals to Lowers 2.1

The game started to open up in the second term with Lower being first to be able score. We answered back quickly with two goals from James  Kroussoratis. firstly a great on target snap from 40meteres out and another one a result from a goal square mark five minutes later.  We scored the next two goals with a handball from Matthew Evans to a running Jamie Doukas  and shortly after a great running goal from Tom Rogers to push our lead out to 16 points. Lower were able to score two late goals and there was just 5 points separating the sides in our favour at the main break

The third quarter was all the Panthers with 5.5 scored while holing the opposition to just 3 behinds. Two great snap goals to Anton Woods along with a great coast to coast goal were the features.

Holding a 37 point lead, we battled out a low scoring, even last quarter to score a 36 point win which enabled us a return to the top five.

Full replay available in our Video Gallery

Eltham 3.0-18 7.3-45 12.8-80 13.9-87
Lower Plenty 2.1-13 6.4-40 6.7-43 7.9-51


Goal Kickers: J. Kroussoratis 3, J. Doukas 2, J. Merkel 2, A. Woods 2, T. Rogers , M. Evans , L. Glasgow , B. Taglieri

Best Players: , B. Glasgow , T. Rogers , C. Caulfield , L. Glasgow , J. Doukas , S. Brazzale


In a low scoring first half, there was not much between the two side. Eltham were able to get on top after half time to score a comfortable win.

Eltham 1.1-7 3.4-22 4.10-34 6.11-47
Lower Plenty 1.1-7 2.1-13 2.2-14 3.4-22


Goal Kickers: B. Sharwood 2, T. Owen 2, J. Fleming , T. Snell
Best Players: , A. Hourigan , B. Sharwood , K. Keane , L. McCreery , L. Ericson , L. Cantwell

Under 19s

A close tussle all game in trying conditions, Just unable to find that winning goal in the concluding stages of the game.

Eltham 3.0-18 4.2-26 6.5-41 9.8-62
Lower Plenty 2.0-12 4.2-26 8.3-51 10.5-65


Goal Kickers: M. Cantwell 3, T. Burns 2, J. Mallard 2, P. Turnbull , A. Smale
Best Players: , P. Turnbull , M. Cantwell , N. Gavillucci , M. Wallace , D. Charisis , S. Edward