Only 2 weeks to go before our Tournament and it’s time to get everything finalized. We currently have 14 Teams Registered and can still take some more, so if your interested either give me a call or let me know on Facebook
These are the current Teams:

John Smith x 4, 2 carts
Greg Wilson x 4, 2 carts
Lachie Findlay X 4, 2 carts
Turko X 4, 2 carts
Chipa x 4, 2 carts
Darren Cardamone x 4, 2 carts
Chris “Trap” Daw x 4, 2 carts
Peter Don X 4, 2 carts
Steve VanO x 4, 2 carts
Matt Jessop x 4, 2 carts
Andrew Burns x 4, 2 carts
Jack Powell x 4,
Bruce Whitaker x 1, Thomas Carafa & Mario Carafa, James Elmo
Whitey Cricket club x 4?

I now need the name and Handicap if any of all the members of each Team. Also it’s time to get the money in, you can either give it to me personally or pay through the club website. LINK BELOW
Promises to be another good event, good to see around 18 players registered to play, ladies welcome.

John Smith phone 0414690007