Past Players Day are for all people that have pulled on the Panther jumper, been a coach or administrator and all supporters. It is a celebration that we have every year to catch up and remember great times that have shaped this great Club. We also celebrate anniversaries of Premierships, this year due to COVID not allowing up to celebrate in 2020 there will be a few extra.

20th Anniversary of the 2000 Premiership against Watsonia and Reserves against Macleod

25th Anniversary of the 1995 Premiership against West Preston

50th Anniversary of the 1971 Reserves against Greensborough

50th Anniversary of the 1970 Premiership against Diamond Creek

90th Anniversary of the 1930 Premiership against Heidelberg

This year the Past Players Day will be held on Saturday 15th May in our game against Watsonia. So, if you were part of the Premierships or part of the Panther of the years please drop in and catch up with fellow Panthers for what should be a great game.

2000 Senior and Reserve Premierships – 

Eltham def Watsonia – Seniors
Team: Tim Borchers, David Brown, Ashley Dickson, John Garrard, Brett Grant, Steven Kilby, Lloyd Mash, Luke McCreery, Craig McKay, Mark Minney (c), Chris Mintern, Scott Mitchell, Simon Nixon, Lucas Paul (c), Lachie Richardson, Paul Smith, John Soccio, Jimmy Stirton, Brett Strickland, Matthew Tallack, Cameron Waddell.

Coach: Gary Jessop

Eltham def Macleod – Reserves
Team: David Borg, Andrew Buckingham, Jamie Cameron, Andrew Clarke, David Collis, Adam Downs, Zennon Eaton, Luke Ferns, Reid Gardam, Craig Haydock, Mick Iddon, Russell Macumber, Leigh Miller, Luke Mitchell, Dean Philpots (c), Grant Pittard, Nick Richardson, Matthew Rogers, Byron Smith, Ken Sparks, Matthew Weisheit, Greg Wilson (c).
Coach: Wayne Freeman

1995 Senior Premiership

Eltham def West Preston
Team: Eddie Almatrah, David Brown (vc), Scott Gathercole, Matthew Glenn, Craig Haydock, Darren Jansen, Corey Jewell, Steven Kilby, Scott Locklier, Paul Lynch, Mark Minney, Scott Mitchell, Joel Moran, Simon Nixon, Daryl Ramsay, Garry Ramsay, Steve Russell (vc), Darren Sinclair Paul Smith (c), David Streat (vc), Gary Thomson.
Coach: Grant Wilmot

1971 Reserve Premiership

Eltham def Greensborough
Team: Leigh Arnold, Robert Barton, Derek Bradford, David Brown, Greg Clark, Michael Davenport, Brian Driscoll, D Frenon, Jim Haines, Ron Hocking, Lyndon Langan, Ken McMahon, Robert Morrison, Alan Moyes, Murray Newlands, Terry Rosewall, Ang Serritelli, Frank Traczewski, Alex Walker, William West.
Coach: Graeme Calverley

1970 Premiership

Eltham def Diamond Creek
Team: Alan Anderson, Michael Annett, John Birthisel, Rodney Bray, Barry Capuano, Ron Fitzpatrick, Greg Irvine, William Irvine, Brian Pardon, Robert Pettigrew, David Robinson, Stewart Rothwell, Robert Scott, Nassa Serritelli, Noel Spoor, Cliff Stewart, John Walker, William White, Bruce Wright, Robert Ziebell.
Coach: John Walker

1930 Premiership

Eltham def Heidelberg
Team: Ron Baker, Rod Cameron, Jack Copeland, W Cunningham, Harold Downing, Neil Durham, J Frost, P Hart, George LcBrocq, Ray Martyr, Jack Newton, Alby Parsons, Les Parsons, Fred Pitcher, W Taylor, Jack Twyford, H Watson, Harry Weidlich. 19th W.Watson
Coach: Albert Parsons

Club Life Members highlighted in bold