The first quarter we pretty well dominated the game. If it wasn’t for some errant kicking for goal we could have had the game pretty well over after one quarter

The second term the game turned into a scrappy affair, with North’s applying niggling tactics to try to put us off our game. These resulted with a melee breaking out late in the quarter which resulted in a down the field free kick and goal to us. Despite Norths tactics we were able to go into the long break with what seemed a comfortable 36 point buffer.

The third quarter, we were able to score three goals early but we started to let North run loose without not much pressure being applied. This resulted with them scoring 9 goals straight. With them getting right on top at the centre clearances, the ball was transferred quickly into their forward line with little opposition at all from us, allowing North’s star Shane Harvey to capitalize down forward. North were able to reduce the margin to one solitary behind late in the quarter and we looked in real trouble.

The final quarter was the complete opposite of the previous one. North Heidelberg’s frustration at us starting to get back on top only served to further aid us. The recipient of a number of free kicks and 25 metre penalties. we ended with 8 goals in answer to just two to allow us to run out 46 point winners.

Eltham 4.7-31 7.9-51 11.11-77 19.15-129
North Heidelberg 1.0-6 2.3-15 11.3-69 13.5-83
Goal Kickers: M. Williamson 4, C. Caulfield 3, J. Smith 2, J. Kroussoratis 2, J. Doukas 2, J. Lorey 2, L. Richardson , J. Lorey , B. Taglieri , D. Coffield
Best Players: , A. Di Paolo , C. Caulfield , M. Evans , A. Woods , M. Williamson , J. Smith


The Panther reserves continued on their winning way and dominating against North Heidelberg.The only dampener of the game was a serious head injury sustained by Owen Robinson. We wish “Owie” a speedy recovery

Eltham 6.5-41 10.10-70 16.20-116 24.25-169
North Heidelberg 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6 2.1-13
Goal Kickers: T. Owen 6, J. Pettigrove 3, M. Jessop 2, M. Cantwell 2, H. Hunt 2, O. Robinson 2, O. Philp-Taylor , K. Keane , J. Ernest , A. Hourigan , R. Romeril , A. Brovedani , M. Lillie
Best Players: , A. Hourigan , A. Burns , J. Pettigrove , T. Owen , M. Cantwell , K. Keane.

Under 19s

After a poor effort the previous week, The under 19s bounced back to win just their second game of the season with a dominant display against a struggling North keeping the opposition scoreless while kicking 36 goals themselves
Eltham 6.4-40 11.10-76 24.17-161 36.28-244
North Heidelberg 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Goal Kickers: S. Edward 12, T. Burns 9, T. Carafa 3, J. Mallard 3, K. O”Sullivan 2, L. Keane 2, N. Eggleton 2, S. Carafa , N. Gavillucci , N. Arney
Best Players: , K. O”Sullivan , D. French , S. Edward , T. Carafa , T. Burns , N. Arney