An incredible Presentation Night out at Marvel Stadium to celebrate and close the book on season 2022!
Thank you to all coaches and players for an incredible year. To bring home 2 premierships out of 5 and to fall short on another is an amazing achievement!
The club is very proud on what we were able to do in season 2022!
Well done to all players who secured awards last night. All well deserving winners!
To our out going players and coaches, Thank you for your time and dedication on making season 2022 one to remember!
Seniors 1st: Ben Montanaro (2nd from right)
2nd: Daniel Horsfield (2nd from left)
3rd: Bronson Glasgow (left)
Coaches Award: Mikael Avramov (right)
Goal kicking: Daniel Owen 63 goal (not pictured)
Best finals player: Mikael Avramov (right)
1st: Sean Desmond (2nd from right)
2nd: Jye Lorey (2nd from left)
3rd; Riley Byrne (left)
Coaches: Harry Chandler and Matthew Debney (3rd/4th from right)
Best Finals Player: Jameson Wood. (3rd from left)
Goalkicking: Billy Glasgow 39 goals (4th from left)

Senior Women

1st: Alannah Murray (left)
2nd: Sienna Gunning (2nd from left)
3ed: Sarah Huntington (3rd from left)
Coaches Award: Shannyn Ashby (2nd from Right)
Most Improved – Jasmine Davis – Hill (right)
Best finals players: Madison Lee (middle)
Goal kicking: Jacki White 28 goals (3rd from right)

Under 19(1)

1st: Oscar Berry (middle)
2nd: Mitchell Stafford (left)
equal 2nd: Daniel James (2nd from left)
Coaches Award: Kai Porter (2nd from right)
Best Finals player: Aiden Biddle (not pictured)
Goal kicking: Jozeph Thatcher- Brener 43 goals (right)

Ubder 19(2) (no picture taken)
1st: Luke Verde
2nd: Harry Smith
3rd: Oliver Chandler
Coaches Award: Liam Jessop
Development Award: Anson Baddeky-Thompson
Goal kicking: Nathan Kilby 16 goals