The panthers started of in great fashion kicking 4 goals unanswered goals in the first 7 minutes of the match. Mont answered back with the next four goals, three in quick succession. It was then three in a row for Eltham with Kroussoratis getting his second and third of the quarter.

One each to Mont then Lewis Glasgow kicking his second had the Panthers with a handy lead of 20 points at the first break.

The second term was pretty well all Montmorency who were now kicking to the wind assisted railway line end. They put on 6 in a row before we were able to answer with three in a row ourselves late in the quarter to square things up at 11.8 a piece. A late goal to Mont saw them go in with a 6 point break at the main break.

The third quarter was dominated by us in general play. We were unable to take advantage off that though after the two early goals were followed up by 8 consecutive behinds. With us scored 2.8 to Mont’s 1.3 we held a five point advantage at the last change.

The last quarter, both Mont’s backs and forward both got on top. We were restricted to just the one major while Mont’s forwards really got on top in the later part of the game with the last 5 goals to score by 27 points.  A disappointing result to go missing in the last quarter after being right on top in general play for large parts of the game.

Eltham 8.6-54 11.8-74 13.16-94 14.19-103
Montmorency 5.4-34 12.8-80 13.11-89 19.16-130


Goal Kickers: J. Kroussoratis 4, B. Glasgow 2, J. Doukas 2, L. Glasgow 2, M. Evans , B. Taglieri , C. Caulfield , D. Vallance
Best Players: , B. Glasgow , C. McCabe , M. Williamson , J. Merkel , J. Kroussoratis , A. Di Paolo


Poor kicking for goal in the first half kept Mont in the game to some extent. Got right on top in the second half to get back on to winning form.
Eltham 1.5-11 5.10-40 10.13-73 17.17-119
Montmorency 2.1-13 2.1-13 6.2-38 7.4-46


Goal Kickers: A. Brovedani 2, B. O”Sullivan 2, T. Snell 2, T. Owen 2, B. Ryan 2, M. Jessop 2, A. Hourigan 2, S. Brazzale , S. Smith , C. Dell
Best Players: , A. Hourigan , J. Lorey , C. Dell , T. Snell , C. Pillot , S. Smith

Under 19s

Solid effort by the boys who stuck with Mont well but overun in the last quarter and half
Eltham 1.0-6 3.3-21 4.6-30 7.6-48
Montmorency 2.0-12 4.3-27 6.4-40 12.5-77


Goal Kickers: T. Burns 4, M. Cantwell 2, C. O’Leary
Best Players: , T. Burns , N. Pettigrove , P. Turnbull , B. Taglieri , L. Campbell , N. Gavillucci